My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2009

As promised half of my nominees for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 writing project of Ms. Janette Toral will be my personal choice while half are my readers choice.

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As I stated earlier, my nominees will compose of my personal choices and my readers nominees.

Here are my Top 10:

My personal picks
1) The Mommy Journey – because the blogger behind this blog Chris, was able to unite mommy bloggers around the world by creating an awesome Meme Mommy Moments where every mom could post and share photos and stores about their treasured moments with their children and motherhood.  It’s a nice Meme since moms like me are able to organize photos of our kids life.

2) Writing To Exhale – formerly known as Sa Labas Ng Mandaluyong. The prolific writer behind this blog is Jan. I love his witty and funny post which is mostly about blogging. I love the fact that he is very active at commenting back to every person who comments at his blog.

3) Teacher Ria – The accidental Teacher who is also a psychologist author this blog. Her birthday project regarding Autism made me a supporter of this blog. I love how she writes about her thoughts as a teacher especially her recent post where she wrote an open letter to her students where she shared her sentiments as a teacher.

4) Animetric’s World – What makes this blog stand-out is the contest online and offline the author of this blog, Rowena, is able to find, join and post. She won so many online and offline contest that she inspire others that they too can win. Like what she says everybody loves a freebie and there are lots of freebies you can find in her blog.

5) Style and Relax – Tell me about influence. Lace, the author of this blog was able to organize a get together of fashion bloggers in Manila and was able get a couple of big sponsors for that event and have a TV giant cover the whole event and have it aired too. Plus the fact that she inspires the fashionista in all her readers.

My readers choice:
6) Dear Bloggery – 7 readers nominated this blog (45% of the votes)
7) Let’s Go Sago – 5 readers nominated this blog (25.5% of the votes)
8 ) The Struggling Blogger 168 – 5 readers nominated this blog (25.5% of the votes)
9) Barrio Siete – 4 readers nominated this blog (25% of the voters)
10) Dare To Speak Out – 4 readers nominated this blog (25% of the voters)

I would like to thank all of my blogging friends who joined the contest and helped Earthlingorgeous find half of her nomineers for the emerging influential blogs of 2009. Thank you so much! Without you this list won’t be complete.

If there are other blogs and bloggers out there who want to nominate a blog that was created May 2008 and thinks these blogs are influential I suggest you make your opinion count by joining this writing project too.

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