Visiting Boracay during Pandemic Era + 5 New Things

Visiting Boracay during Pandemic Era + 5 New Things

Boracay has been closed for tourists before the pandemic and then again during the pandemic lockdown. The last time I was there was in 2016 and a lot has changed in Boracay in 2022.  I was there with my jowa this September for his birthday vacation trip.

So what has changed in Boracay in 2022 ?

Crystal Kayak

This is a new thing in Boracay, everyone has to do it or a Boracay trip didn’t happen.  A Crystal Kayak can be rented for Php700 per hour and this is including a kayaker local who can and will also take your videos and photos to your heart’s content.  Your local kayaker knows all the angles and will tell you how to have the best shots ever.  He will be very patient and kind so don’t forget a good tip as well.

But jowa and I did not get a local kayaker, we have the boat to ourselves, and we took the videos and photos of each other by ourselves.  But I think we paid for two boats. Doesn’t matter, we had fun.

Paddle Boarding

This is also a new attraction in Boracay where you can paddle your way on the sea.  You can have a local paddler with you or you can do it on your own.  They will help you and tell you what to do or if you are stubborn figure out on your own!  There’s free life vest for both kayaking and paddle boarding.  The rate for a paddle board is Php500 for 30 minutes.

You can also avail of a Boracay tour package so you don’t have to worry about doing everything by yourself.  Just be ready for the pick-up time , ready your sunblock and enjoy the trip.

Fast food and food chain restaurants abound

In 2016 , the only food chain I remember there was Andoks but now we spotted KFC, Jollibee, MCDonald;s , Mang Inasal and even Starbucks !

More beach area

They made the shoreline/ sand area  (where you can see Willy’s Rock ) wider and there are a couple of resorts in Station 1 that look deserted or closed .

Pick up girls

It was the first time I saw Boracay with a lot of pick-up girls (pros titutes working girls, female or trans).  Go outside your resort hotel around 9PM onwards and walk through Station 2 and you will find a lot of group of working girls waiting and peddling for customers. Ang dami nila promise !  Along the area ng Epic !

Boracay during pandemic era has a lot of changes and still have a lot of visitors in spite of.  I just hope they can keep doing the good work when it comes to protecting the enviornment.


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