What I Wore That Day: Wine and Dine (WIWTD #6)

I only attend events once or twice a week, with 3 events lined-up per day. The oldie in me needs to rest and stay at home more often as the commute to the event venue and back home is just taxing. Last week, I had two meetings and two events lined-up in one day. Three were meetings and an event that I can wear anything I want and the other was an intimate dinner/cocktail for a brand. They asked us to wear cocktails but of course I had my senior moment again and left my dress all I was able to bring was my shoes for the night.

With that said I had to head to the mall for a bit and shop for a decent enough dress that can pass for a dinner/cocktail event. And this is what I got!

WIWTD: Wine and Dine
This shot was taken by Mommy Fleur at The Wine Museum where the event was held. I will tell you more about this brand later on but just to give you a tease it is the cure for stretch marks!

We had a makeup artist on stand-by at the event for touch-ups! Hooray!

WIWTD: Wine and Dine
Why did we need a makeup and hair retouch? Well, we were shooting a webisode for that brand with Precious Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz. With me are other mommy bloggers too!

WIWTD: Wine and Dine
Here’s another look of the dress I wore that day!

WIWTD: Wine and Dine
Haha! I was trying those model pose where they squeeze their waist and scrunch their back so as to create an illussion of curves and small waist!

WIWTD:  Wine and Dine
Because if I don’t do that I’ll be straight as a stick! Hahaha!

WIWTD:Wine and dine
See, that pose works I look so curvacious vavavoom on the right photo! Haha!

WIWTD: WIne and Dine
What I wore:
Bodycon dress: SM Ladies Fashion (Pettite Monde) Php1,200+
Shoes: The Ramp Crossings Php1,200+
Bracelet: Avon Fashions (discontinued)
OOTD take at The Wine Museum in Pasay! (near NAIA airport road)

The Wine Museum
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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