Rocket – Unboxing My Instax Mini 8

I couldn’t thank God and the Universe for being so kind to me especially this year. I just won and received too many things this year that I can’t help but say I’m one of the luckiest people in the world right now.

Who would have thought that I will win an Instax Mini 8 at Maybelline Blast Off Party to launch their Rocket Volum Express Mascara (ergo my Instax Mini 8 name)? I was expecting makeup but not a gadget I want to have but don’t necessarily need.

Instax Mini 8

The box front and back

Instax Mini 8Instax Mini 8
What’s inside?

Instax Mini 8 review

Manuals, warranty card, digital battery and handle

There are six different settings for the Instax Mini 8

Instax Mini 8
All you need is two doubleA digital batteries and Instax Film of course to get it running

Instax Mini 8
You can buy sets of 10 and 20 shots film at any Fuji Film Branch Nationwide!

Instax Mini film
Ooops forgot to show you how I loaded the film into the cam. But it’s just easy like putting on a battery onto the cellphone you can never get the wrong side. If it doesn’t fit in smoothly it probably is the wrong side.

Anyway, I am super glad to have gotten this camera because my mom is the happiest more than anyone else at home. Why? My mom is the original cam ham in the family, she likes to have her photo taken and see them printed right away. Because of that she hates digital cameras, even Facebook or Instagram because she’s not so techy to look at her pics on phone or on the computer all the time. She want to see her pic on print so she always bugs me and my sis to have all our pics printed even if it is such a hassle to do these days.

So, when I had her pic taken and she saw the camera printed her photo right away? She was super happy! Mom is my first shot and I couldn’t be any happier.

My first instax model shot my mom!
Thank you God and Universe again for this gift I promise to take care of it and use it as often as I can to make everyone around me happy! An Instax Mini 8 is said to sold around Php4,000.00 I heard while a film is about Php400.00 for a 20 pcs shots. I dunno really but I’ll survey soon when my films ran out. Yeah I got free films too!

But for pricing and where to buy you may visit Fuji Instax in Facebook!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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