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The Meg moview

What can be scarier than a shark attack but shark five to ten size bigger  — that is the Megalodon which is short for The Meg.

What Marcus thinks of it? His POV

You get what you ask for: a movie about a big shark.  This is obviously not the first movie in this genre, but it does do some things different.  It wasn’t as campy as I thought it would be.  There were two things that I really appreciated about it. 1) Not everything they did failed.  Too often in these movies, it is failure after failure until the last desperate measure wins the day.  Maybe it makes for good suspense, but to me it is just frustrating.  The MEG had good action without the desperate failures you often see. 2) It wasn’t preachy.  These ocean movies always have a message pounded into you about saving the ocean, saving the world.  This did not.  It had a few mentions to some bad stuff, which was enough to spark a conversation between Earth and I, so for that, I say successful level of preaching.

The movie is an action movie, not a suspense movie.  There are plenty of “where is it” moments, but the film doesn’t rely on those to scare you.  A super-huge shark is scary enough, so they use that.  So instead of wondering when it will attack again, you’re to busy squirming in your seat because it is turning around to come for you.  The MEG is a fun movie that delivers for its genre.

The Meg movie

What Earth thinks of it? Her POV

I thought it would be another silly movie of a shark attack or giant creatures gone wild like Jaws or Anaconda but I was surprisingly pleased that it’s not that bad at all. I enjoy that there is more than just people swimming for theit lives because a ginormous shark went rabid.  People were actually thinking in the movie and there’s no one here in the movie that takes all the credit.

I actually missed half an hour if the movie coz I was late but it didn’t matter coz I was able to understand what was happening.

Shots were good especially the underwater shots I am sure some of it were visual effects and graphics but it was impressive.

I think animal rights activists, especially those who are calling for Saving sharkS against poachers will be mad at this movie for making it look that sharks attack out of nowhere coz they can.  I don’t know what moral lesson this movie wants to impart but it is entertaining. The Meg is that kind of movie that will succeed just because, movie like this like Snakes on the Plane and Sharknado  has cult following, I won’t be surprised if this one did.

Rated PG by the MTRCB, THE MEG opens August 8 in PH cinemas. Staring Jason Statham.



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