My Makati Wellness Studio Pampering Experience And Contest

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I really love spas.  I believe they are our piece of heaven on earth. These places are made to make everyone feel like a queen or king for a day.

When Carlo invited me to try out the services at the Makati Wellness Studio, I blocked off half of my day so I can get the full pampering experience and give the place an extensive review.

Makati Wellness Studio is located at JP Rizal, Makati its very close to the Makati City Hall.  Its just across the Petron gas station atop of Chowking restaurant.  You won’t miss it its smack at the corner .

The place is very new, they opened barely three months ago.  Its a business venture of friends who wanted to offer affordable spa services.

makati wellness studio

The Ambiance
The interiors were homey and relaxing.  I like the color combination of the walls and fixtures and the mix of textures on the flooring.  The retro TV and the mini fountain at the lobby/waiting area/foot spa area is such an eye candy.

The services
They have:

  • facial services starting at Php399.oo – Php1199.00
  • hand and foot care services starting at Php70.00 – Php299.00
  • body massage services for Php250.00
  • eyelash extension for Php499.00 – Php799.00 and
  • threading starting at Php 149.00 – Php249.00.

Before undergoing any treatment you will be asked to fill-up a form that will inform them about your medical history and about other beauty treatments you subscribe to and use just to make sure that they will give you the products that is compatible to your skin type and that you are not allergic to the products they will use.  A two thumbs up for this.   Some spas I’ve been to will just ask you to fill-up a form without even reading it or asking their client what past treatments they have.

The Facial Treatment (Moisturizing Facial Treatment and Diamond Peel)
Because the weather was a bit cooler now my skin has become dry. I usually have a combination skin normal to oily during summer and dry during the cold months.  Its usually the case, according to Ms. Dhi, Makati Wellness Studio Manager.  Because of that they gave me the moisturizing facial treatment (Php399.00) to refresh and hydrate the skin and also for instant repair of damaged skin because of UV rays.

I opt not to have any pricking or extraction for this facial treatment because I’m nearing my monthly that day and I’m more sensitive to pain so I choose not to.  If you regularly have facials you know how painful extracting or pricking a pimple, whitehead or blackhead is.

diamond peel

After the facial, they gave me my first diamond peel treatment. Since I don’t have any freckles, acne marks, discoloration or uneven facial skin I was given the regular diamond peel   (Php799.00) which stimulates natural skin exfoliation using micro diamond crystals.

I had this notion that a diamond peel hurts, I was wrong.  It was just like having a regular facial massage.  Its been almost 2 weeks since I had the treatment and I didn’t experience an ugly facial peeling or cracking of my skin.  I noticed my skin was clearer and smoother.  I honestly feel prettier!  I definitely recommend a diamond peel treatment once in a while.

Hand and Foot Care Services
I had the express manicure using BNC polish Php119.00 ,  a foot spa with pedicure using BNC polish Php 299.00. I love the idea of having a nail polish color catalog instead of selecting colors by checking the polishes in bottles.  That way you will actually see how the color looks when applied and not how the color looks inside the bottle.  I was given the manicure while having the diamond peel.


After the facial and manicure I was taken to the lobby area to have my foot spa. I was surprised to learn that a guy will do my foot spa. It was my first time to have a guy do my foot spa. It was also the first time I encountered a spa with male staff who does foot spa.

It was a bit awkward for a couple of minutes, especially seeing a man touching my feet. But I tried to ignore the fact that it was a he not a she pampering my feet. His hands were light as a woman and he did a good job. I love that he focused on scrubbing and removing the hardened skin/ callous on the base of my big toe and my sole, after the treatment I had super soft callous free feet. Love it! I also recommend this treatment and ask for this guy when you do get it there. He didn’t stop until he didn’t feel any hardened skin on my sole.


Massage Services
I wasn’t able to try their massage because I was told that another male staff will do the whole body massage on me. I bailed out on the massage and it was my fault because I was supposed to visit their spa the day before when their female massage therapist was available but I was caught with another appointment that I had to cancel. If I was to get a massage it would be the 1 hour Shiatsu or the Traditional Filipino Massage (Php250.00)

What I think about Makati Wellness Studio?
For a new spa I give them a thumbs up. I hope they maintain the quality of their service and keep their friendly staff.

Will I recommend Makati Wellness Studio?
Yes! The services and treatments are at par with the other leading and popular spas in the country. What I like best is that their services is so affordable.

Makati Wellness Studio

Would you like to experience a day of pampering at the Makati Wellness Studio? Here is your chance.

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Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I deserve a day of ultimate pampering at the Makati Wellness Studio because I just had the so-called “hell week” last week, which translates to zero sleep, going to school without taking a bath (a by-product of zero sleep) and looking (and sometimes feeling) like a zombie. For next week, I am preparing myself for some more nerve-wracking, mind-boggling activities as I will be having my Final Exams and Thesis Defense — all the torture a graduating student has to endure. I really need a trip to the spa because it will help relieve the tension in my muscles and all the mess that’s been occupying my mind. Also, I really love going to spa houses and it’s been quite a while since I stepped foot in one. I just miss being there — relaxing and thinking of nothing but the soft bed and the soothing music in the background. 🙂

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