We watched Ang Panday movie, a movie that was co-produced by GMA Films and Imus Productions, my daughter fell asleep while we were watching it because I think she find it boring.  I would agree with her because honestly,  I find it boring too.  However,  I will give Ang PandayContinue Reading

If you are planning to work abroad take a look at this survey first. “Family life is the leading indicator of whether or not an expat assignment will be successful. Many overseas stints end prematurely because an employee’s family feels disconnected from the new country and has trouble handling basicContinue Reading

Every year I make it a point to have a New Year resolutions. When I was younger I was idealistic with what will be included in my resolution but end up accomplishing very little. Last years resolution was not so elaborate but something I have to accomplish within. Did IContinue Reading

Last November 26, 2009, in participation with Yehey and Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Anchor brought you the spectacular food battle of 2009 – Connoisseur Duels: The Grand Food Battle. There were two competitive teams of bloggers, both equipped with perseverance and the gift of exquisite taste, challengedContinue Reading

Most people here in the Philippines are not keen on getting an insurance.   Some believe they don’t actually need it while some are apprehensive because of the many scams that involved insurance companies lately.  While most are only bound to insurance that are mandatory to employers to certain companies. I’mContinue Reading

I was surprised to learn that Push was shown here in the Philippines last February and it wasn’t so popular to think Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans and Camilla Belle stars in the movie and the theme was a crossbreed of X-men and Heroes. Or maybe that is why it wasn’tContinue Reading