Year: 2009


Looking For Contest Sponsors & Blog Roll

Hello everyone!  I will be on a blogging break before the year ends as I will be enjoying a New Years eve at Boracay (me so excited!).  But before my blog posting will slow down for a couple of days I would like to announce that I will have another contest my 2nd Blog Anniversary […]

Travel & Culture

Top 10 Friendliest Country In The World

If you are planning to work abroad take a look at this survey first. “Family life is the leading indicator of whether or not an expat assignment will be successful. Many overseas stints end prematurely because an employee’s family feels disconnected from the new country and has trouble handling basic tasks like refilling prescriptions, driving […]

Food, Restos, Hang-outs

Connoiseur Duel: The Grand Food Battle

Last November 26, 2009, in participation with Yehey and Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Anchor brought you the spectacular food battle of 2009 – Connoisseur Duels: The Grand Food Battle. There were two competitive teams of bloggers, both equipped with perseverance and the gift of exquisite taste, challenged themselves to prepare a 3-course […]

Home & Family

Insurance Questions Answered

Most people here in the Philippines are not keen on getting an insurance.   Some believe they don’t actually need it while some are apprehensive because of the many scams that involved insurance companies lately.  While most are only bound to insurance that are mandatory to employers to certain companies. I’m sure some of you acquired […]

Treatments & Salons

The New Me

This year has been a lot of transformations for me and this blog has been a witness to the many changes and experimentation’s I did to update my look. My skin got lighter, I had an eyelash extension, had that annoying mark on the left side of my cheek removed. Lighter Skin I grew up […]

Home & Family Personal

I’m Being The Grinch

Arg! It’s Christmas time again and all these kid carolers are making noise everywhere. Yes! It’s pure noise, they are banging their makeshift drums made of milk cans and plastics like crazy, shaking their improvised maracas like they want to intentionally break your eardrums and they sing without heart not even knowing the lyrics to […]

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