How to Learn Ballet with Lisa Macuja-Elizalde #WIWTD 98

What did you want to be growing up? One of my dreams back then was to be a Ballerina.  

Ballet classes during my time was made available at a mall near our place.  When we pass by the foodcourt I would look at the pretty girls with their hair neatly tied in a bun, wearing white  thighs and tutus, with synced movements.   They all exude grace and poise.  “I want to be like them,”  I would exclaim.

If you are a girl in the late 80’s early 90’s I am sure you can relate.  It was the generation When most girls were enrolled in a Ballet Class maybe during summer break or just a short course.  It was the peak of World Class Prima Balerina Lisa Macuja (now with a hypen Elizalde) when being an online influencer was not the ambition of young people. 

Fast forward to decades after (after completely forgetting that ballet in Manila existed)  my admiration for this dance discipline resurrected.  This was after seeing a preview show of Ballet Manila Revenge of the Classics recently,  I was inspired and told myself “Why not join a class now?”

Why not really,  when ballet classes is made closer to Northern, Central and Eastern Metro Manila residences.   Lisa Macuja School of Ballet x Ballet Manila opens their branch at Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue Quezon City!

My lucky streak has allowed me to be one of the first students of the school with Ms. Lisa Macuja herself as my teacher!  My excitement/ anxiousness went off the roof!

Ballet class with Lisa Macuja

Ballet with Lisa Macuja

Ballet with Lisa Macuja
I’m not that flexible as before.  My body type is not the ballerina body prototype.  I’m like a mom bod really but,  who cares!  I’m gonna learn ballet with Lisa Macuja,  beat that!

Ballet with Lisa Macuja
Alas,  class is on and Lisa Macuja was in front of us,  telling her story and the story of ballet in Manila and why she opened doors in Quezon City.   “It is my (retirement)  dream,  to make ballet available for everyone,” she said.


As we started to get on the floor,  all my anxiety went away.   Ms.  Lisa was a pleasant face to look at and a lovely voice to listen too.  She is an epitome of what a Prima Balerina is like.   Learning Ballet directly from her,  who has passion for her craft makes it a lot easier for me to learn and ease out my fears.

It was Ballet 101 Class for Adults, more of a basic ballet lessons for adults and a refresher for those who have taken the lesson when they were 8 years old!

In the class,  Ms. Lisa told us taught us the principle of “turning out”,  it was the ballet  term for having your feet/toes pointing outwards having your feet positioned in 90 degrees.

Ballet with Lisa Macuja

You may want to watch this video to see what the Lisa Macuja School of Ballet looks like,  sample performances and a glimpse of our adult ballet 101 class with Ms. Lisa Macuja herself.

Thanks ARC PR and Ms.  Lisa Macuja-Elizalde for this opportunity,  I shall see you in class (gulp)  let’s see how far I can go!  Haha!   BTW,  aside from. Adult ballet they have ballet for kids and teens and boys of course.

Meanwhile,  you too can learn ballet with Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila visit or email [email protected] or call +632 5527505 or 09188077148 for class schedules.

Learn Ballet with Lisa Macuja

With this I end by saying : we are never too old,  it is never too late to have our dreams come true.     All we have to do is grab opportunity by the hand when it comes and throw your fears away. 

Ballet with Lisa Macuja

What I wore:
Sports Bra Top Inner: PRANA
Tutu: Carizza Chua
Yoga/Ballet pants : PRANA
Ballet shoes: BALLET MANILA

P.S. Benefits of doing ballet as an adult, it helps correct your posture!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Wow naman, I’ve been wanting to try ballet lessons for the longest time but too scared kasi I thought I’m too old for it but looking at the class photos makes me want to try it soon!

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